Construction is messy

by Jean

Construction, and specifically remodeling,  is messy.  This is a fact I am finally coming to accept. My first floor is being painted after three years, Three Rooms Need Painting and I’m ecstatic.  But for some reason on every remodeling project, I always think that this time it will be different. This time everything will be cleared out of the space, everything will be neatly covered, and it will be well organized wherever in the house it lands.  But the fact is that if you already live in the space that you are remodeling, it’s probably going to be completely chaotic at some point in the project.

(my living room during prep work stage, everything got covered with plastic for the painting)

It does make me feel somewhat better to see other people suffer with the same issues.  But note, all these messy process shots lead to beautiful finished spaces!

(from doorsixteen)

(from little green notebook)

(from an apple a day)

(from Nalina)

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