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The talent and skills of our team as well as our close relationships with the nation’s leading manufacturers and craftsmen allow us to deliver artistic beauty and superior quality to all projects. From collaborating with upscale furniture design companies, to procuring rare materials and equipment for unique projects established resources and expertise and quality and efficiency in every respect. Our experience spans three generations and brings four decades of experience to the table.

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Roberto R.

Exterior renovation, repoint all brick around house, reconstruct exterior stone stairs to match existing look, rebuild brick chimney, flash and rebuild parapet wall Read Roberto's review

Aug 2014
Craig &.

They were the general contractors for our gut renovation of a 1700 Sqft, 3 BR in Brooklyn Heights. The building is landmarked. The project entailed gutting the space to the bricks, reconfiguring the floor plan to create an open plan, new electrical risers for brand new service, replacement of all the windows (there were 21!!!). In addition to these aspects, the floors and the ceiling of the apartment was sloped and had to re-leveled. This was no small task. It entailed sistering each joist and shoring them up with steel to prevent further drooping. They did an outstanding job. Read Craig's review

Jul 2014
Zachary P.

I hired them to redo my master bathroom. It was a small and cramped unused bathroom for me for a while. They came in, made it bigger and so much better. The detail work is amazing, their choice of finishes was also incredible. Possibly the best part was, if at any time I had either a question or concern or comment, all I had to do was call. Anthony was always there to answer the call. He was on site every day to make sure it was progressing quickly, but more importantly, properly. My input was never disregarded or pushed away as being bad. My bathroom now is my palace. Its where I go when I need to relax, and every time I go in, I think how awesome it is, and what an incredible job they did. We are currently moving forward to complete my kitchen and guest bathroom. Read Zachary's review

Jul 2014
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