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As a design-conscious builder, I have always enjoyed collaborating with my clients to create totally unique and personal spaces. I have been in business since 1985, working alongside architects, artists, designers, diplomats, and on every type of residential and commercial project. At this time, I am focusing my practice on projects which allow me to draw on my background in the arts and design.

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Niral S.

New York County, NY

We valued that Louie lent an artistic eye and expertise to our project. We wanted the renovation to look organic and he helped us understand what in the physical renovation and color application might help us do that. He also honored the budget that we mutually agreed upon at the project start and was considerate of cost as changes had to be made throughout the project. Read Niral's review

Jan 2016
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Henry G.

New York County, NY

In an apartment that looked like atomic bomb just blew up, Louie and his team were able to make the entire experience pleasant and exciting without any surprises. The places where other contractors told me that work cannot be done, Louie's team were able to take on the challenge and use the creative thinking to build a perfect space within agreed time frame. Read Henry's review

Sep 2015
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Sstacey T.

I’ve worked with Louie on a number of projects over the years. Most recently on renovating my master bath. We are currently in the process of painting and partial redo of my main bathroom Read Sstacey's review

Kim M.

I have worked with Louie on a number of projects, including restoring the master bedroom of our NY apartment that was damaged during Hurricane Irene, and he has worked with us on our new house in Westchester. Those projects have covered everything from laying new flooring, refinishing and restoring old floors, to paint, to restoring a 100+ year old home – brass door fixtures, a Craftsman mantle, staircase bannisters, installing a new fireplace hearth of bluestone, new lighting, and an old picture rail, to fixing casings for stained glass windows. Read Kim's review

Alex T.

They have performed a complete restoration of 12 lobby columns at 1166 Avenue of the Americas. The lobby columns were patched, primed and painted after 15 years of wear and tear. They used the same painting process as they did 15 years ago. Read Alex's review

Julia S.

My husband and I have been using Louie for years. We used him recently in two types of projects, one was residential, and other commercial. The two most recent residential projects involved designing a renovation for our attic, and our kitchen. Kitchen Renovation: We live in artist cottage built in the 1920s. The kitchen was outdated it had no counters no cabinets. All the contractors we spoke to wanted to add square footage to the kitchen, buy we wanted to keep the kitchen with the original floor plan. When we hired Louis he respected our wishes, and he designed a very comfortable and attractive kitchen for us. Because he is experienced in working with small spaces in New York City, we got exactly what we wanted. We got so many compliments. It changed the way I experienced the entire house. Read Julia's review

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