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We are a New York City firm specialized in creating luxurious architecture and interior design solutions for discerning homeowners. "We recognize the importance of a home that welcomes you every time you walk through the front door. We believe the sensation of “being home” is greater than the individual design choices you make; it's the way you feel about where you live and an expression of who you are. " - Frederick, Owner

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Elie D.

They designed, planned and installed a new kitchen and bathroom in my apartment. I was referred to them by a client of mine and was very happy with the entire experience. The design was just what I was looking for both the kitchen and bathroom--traditional but timeless and classical. They handled all the building requirements, provided and supervised the contractor, millworkers, installation and final clean up. Frederick and Caroline were always availablenand their staff kept me informed during all phases of the project. I love the result and recommend them to my clients. Read Elie's review

Oct 2013
John J.

the project involved a more than one-year gut renovation of a two bedroom apartment in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. They advised on all aspects of the renovation from the new falls, flooring, windows, build-in shelving, appliances, new kitchen, new bathroom, HVAC, et al Read John's review

Oct 2013
Hadley U.

I am THRILLED to provide a reference for Frederick and his firm. I bought a classic 5 that needed everything: wiring, plumbing, new bathrooms, new kitchen, skim coating the walls, I moved a wall about 1 foot, made a bigger closet out of weird architecture, closed a door and created a double door on a different wall... that kind of thing. I did not want to change the floor plan or the feel of the classic 5 design and pre-war era, I wanted to enhance it. I interviewed them first, and loved them, but felt I should interview others just to be certain. I went back to them. Renovating any space in New York City is a lesson in frustration. I would have gone insane without them. Just as we were about to get started, the architect for my building had a question and held everything up.... But, the person handling my permits went to the architect's office and page by page, item by item, went through the alteration agreement. He identified the one item that was holding everything up, and, because of his relationship with the firm, he approved the change and demolition started the next day. Of course there were surprises and challenges, but I never had to worry about them. Whatever issues there were, my team made them go away with minimal fuss and good feelings for everyone concerned. I have to brag about something. The original floor plan had two completely unredeemable bathrooms. Hideous is a generous way to describe them. I settled for a magnificent master bedroom / bathroom suite and a half bath. I was traveling in France and saw a hidden door in one of the old houses and emailed Frederick and asked if I could have one into my closet / bathroom hallway so overnight guest wouldn't have to go through my bedroom to take a shower. Frederick emailed me back and said I could, but I'd be loosing a lot of closet space. Closet space is sacred in New York City; no choice there. The next day I get an email from Frederick with a drawing. The shower of my master bath shared a wall with the half bath. Frederick put a second shower door into the shower stall. The door locks from my side, is opaque glass, and eliminates the need for a guest to go through my bedroom to take a shower. I simply unlock the door. It's difficult to explain, but basically, I have two full bathrooms that share a shower. It is an elegant solution to a common problem. The whole project was like that. At no point did I have to defend my wishes to Frederick. He guided me where I needed it, but that was it. Frederick has an elegant, educated and refined sense of style that he can apply to any project regardless of his client's individual taste. The end result will be what his client wants. I have no idea what Frederick's personal tastes are, I only know that he understood what I was trying to do and made it happen. I often said that I wished I could be like "I Dream of Jeannie" or "Bewitched" and either blink my eyes or twitch my nose to make my renovation happen. I had Frederick and Chris instead. I told them what I wanted, and they made it happen. Unless I win the lottery, I probably will never renovate another apartment. That said, if I win the lottery and buy a bigger place, I won't even bother to interview anyone else. Read Hadley's review

Oct 2013

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