Sweeten Guarantee And Our Promise To You

All Sweeten general contractors carry licenses that meet local requirements.

All Sweeten general contractors carry insurance appropriate for the level of work they complete.

All Sweeten general contractors provide at least a one year warranty for their work.

In the rare event that you experience a loss when working with your Sweeten general contractor and are unable to resolve matters directly with your contractor, you will first pursue recovery via the contractor's own insurance. Sweeten will support you in this process. We may also recommend that you pursue protections provided by your local jurisdiction. In addition, we provide up to $50,000 to cover any loss resulting from a payment you made to a contractor you hired through Sweeten for a service or good you did not receive.

All projects completed through Sweeten are eligible for coverage under the Sweeten Guarantee, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • You hired your general contractor through Sweeten.
  • Your project has been “awarded” on our platform on or after March 1, 2020 and prior to the date of claim.
  • You have made a good faith effort to resolve the dispute with your GC directly.
  • You have engaged Sweeten to resolve the issue and made a good faith effort to follow our recommended process for resolution.
  • You provide us with documentation supporting your complaint within one year of service completion (or, if no work was completed, within 30 days of your last attempt to resolve the issue with the professional). This must include:
    1. If work has not started: proof of payment to the professional
    2. If your property was damaged or work was improperly executed: documentation showing the value of the damaged property or improperly executed function, with photos of the related property
    3. In either case: documentation of your attempts to resolve the issue with the professional
  • You follow our resolution policies, work with us in good faith, and permit the professional to attempt to resolve the problem prior to contacting Sweeten and as reasonably requested by Sweeten.
  • The Sweeten Guarantee is subject to modification by us at any time. The terms in effect on the date you reported your project issue will apply to any claim you make related to the services at issue.
  • Sweeten may request a W-9 from you prior to any resolution.

Below are some examples of what the Sweeten Guarantee covers. These include losses resulting from:

  • Inability of your GC to complete work due to illness
  • Inability of your GC to complete work due to death
  • Inability of your GC to complete work due to firm insolvency
  • Unwillingness of your GC to complete work due to project abandonment
  • Property damage resulting from faulty work your GC has performed.

Below are some examples of what the Sweeten Guarantee does not cover:

  • Project delays, material delivery delays, and related costs
  • Payment disputes
  • Legal fees
  • Loss of materials, tools or other property owned by the professional or homeowner that are used on the job
  • Loss of cash and securities, collectibles, rare artwork, jewelry, pets or personal liability
  • Additional projects not submitted within your original Sweeten project or changes in the scope of the project not captured in the original contract on file or documented change orders to that contract submitted to Sweeten.

Our commitment to you is the Sweeten Standard: tools designed to ensure a better way to renovate, a network of trusted general contractors, best practices for working with your contractor, and Sweeten support from start to finish. If you are experiencing issues with your contractor, please contact our support team at [email protected]. You’ll receive a response within 24 business hours.