Nategate vs. HGTV lunch

by Jean

Last week, many design bloggers were in NYC to attend a lunch at HGTV headquarters and the taping of NBC’s The Nate Berkus Show. Both events seemed to be an attempt by large companies to support and nurture relationships with the blogger community. These two events were handled in VERY different ways.

I was lucky enough to attend the HGTV lunch, and it was impressive. Yes, the bloggers where amazing, but I expected that. Follow any one of their blogs and you see that they have a passion for design and the discipline to share their thoughts on the subject. What impressed me the most was how serious HGTV took the event ( in a totally fun, here have a cupcake kind of way!). There were no fewer than ten people from HGTV in attendance, most of whom were senior executives. They asked us questions, photographed us, blogged about it and tweeted about it; all in an attempt to understand and participate in the digital design community.

The Nate Berkus Show, as far as I can tell from reading recaps of the event ( I wasn’t able to attend) treated the bloggers as a very nice group of people… who had come to see Nate.

To me it’s just a vision issue, which I’m sure The Nate Show is working hard to correct and understand. To help I’ve made a diagram.

Here is what the Nate Berkus Show saw:what nate berkus show saw(a nice group of smiling people)

Here is what HGTV saw:what hgtv saw( a group of four-star blogging generals, ready to inspire and share with their followers )  a larger image can be found here:

And you can read more recaps of the events:

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