The Winner of our 3rd Home School Contest

by Shera Nuss

Our 3rd Home School Contest with Brooklyn Based was another success! Many thanks to everyone at Flavor Paper, and to Jeff Strumeyer of J Marc Wallcovering, for helping bring new FLAVOR to the home of our latest contest winner, Beth Weinstein (above). Beth’s entry to the Home School Contest proposed to transform a small & under-utilized nook in her Cobble Hill apartment. Along with her new wall coverings –Flavor Paper’s Kabloom, printed in custom hues– Beth plans to install shelves & a wine fridge in the nook to create a small bar area as an extension of the adjacent kitchen.

It was my pleasure to join Beth for this first phase of her nook transformation; see the project unfold below!

Beth chose hues for her Flavor Paper that would accent the artwork & interior furnishings in her home; here's the first roll being laid out for measuring.

After priming the walls & trimming all of the paper for hanging, scraps were used to test the tack of different glues --Jeff always tests the tack of multiple glues before committing to one because, as he explains, every paper & wall reacts differently!

With the best glue for the job in-hand, Jeff is ready to hang his pre-cut paper.

After some consideration, Beth & Jeff agreed on 'enclosing' the nook by papering one side of this interior column.

The Kabloom design adds a colorful & organic touch to Beth's selection of modern furnishings & minimal surface treatments.

Time for the big reveal --here's Beth's nook BEFORE...

...and Kabloom! AFTER!

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