The Winner of our 2nd Home School Contest

by Jean

A big thanks goes out to ecostruct LLC for their great work in our 2nd contest with Brooklyn Based. This beautiful window box planter looks fantastic… despite that it might not have worked out exactly as planned. This was actually ecostruct’s first attempt at constructing a planter with an integrated watering system, a SIP (sub-irrigated planter) and something wasn’t quite right with the final system. You can read more about SIPs in this article from Brooklyn Based.

Here's Jonathan putting the pieces for the planter together. (Yes, we're in a parking garage! ecostruct was working as a gc on a big hotel project at the time and so scheduling was an issue. Next time we hope to be able to see the wood shop.)

A layer of weed block is added to the planter, to make sure that no soil escapes during watering.

And now, the install with our contest winner –> Alison:

Here's what she had before.

Prize plants await their new window box.

And voila, after!

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