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Williamsburg Bar

Posted by Isaac E. in Williamsburg
Brief description

A top to bottom renovation of a former take out joint into a the classiest new bar in Brooklyn. The commercial nature of the project means that it was very heavy on infrastructure - requiring new plumbing, electrical and mechanical distribution.

We crammed new plumbing through the existing commercial kitchen to create a more efficient kitchen layout and the cellar plumbing was rationalized to create an enlarged prep area. The front of house was rearranged to create space for the bar and seating and a new subfloor and hardwood floor were installed.

The design for the bar was inspired by a set of salvaged art deco entry doors. We framed a new storefront to accommodate these doors and created a new window in the facade for additional transparency. The bathroom and the rest of the interior built off of the same look. The owners finished off the space with wood paneling, wallpaper, period light fixtures, custom glass shelves and, of course, a salvaged mahogany bar top.

Project details
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