A Backyard Sprouts New Life in Brooklyn

by Shera Nuss

A patch of dirt out back becomes green and comfortable

Back in May, we caught up with a Sweeten general contractor while they were hard at work on a backyard renovation in Brooklyn, which was awarded via Sweeten. Now that all the labor is finished up and the grass has grown in, we’re back in Fort Greene to show off the end results. On our return visit, we also caught up with the homeowners, Ally & Vic, to get their thoughts on the process.

“I cannot say enough good things about our Sweeten contractor. They were everything you would hope for out of a contractor. Honest, trustworthy, timely, efficient, communicative, helpful, competitively priced.”

A new retaining wall construction wraps across two edges of the yard.


Looking back toward the condo, we can see bamboo plantings in the retaining area that was put up to reinforce the 30″ elevation difference between Ally & Vic’s yard and their neighbor’s.

Before, a short-term solution had been put in place between the adjacent yards. Without the new retaining wall in place, the neighbor’s yard would have eroded into Ally’s & Vic’s.

“[W]e essentially had a patch of dirt (blank slate) and wanted to create an area that we could enjoy and use to entertain during the warmer months, aka our own oasis within Brooklyn.” –Vic, Homeowner

Vic and his family have a yard to enjoy.

Their fieldstone retaining wall is planted with hydrangea, azalea, bamboo, forsythia & irises.

It should be a fun summer for Ally & Vic — we’re so glad we could help them realize their new Brooklyn oasis!

“theSweeten eliminated the need and hassle of checking and double checking contractor references as well as eliminating the worry of what type of quality work we would be receiving. We were very comfortable with theSweeten’s approval process for contractors, which enabled us to focus on what we wanted done.” –Vic

Many thanks to Ally & Vic for sharing their backyard with us!

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