Site Visit :: Finished Lighting Revamp w/ NKCI

by Shera Nuss

Last week we took an early peek at one of our recently awarded projects. Maria & Pete posted on Sweeten, a free service matching renovators with vetted general contractors, after their frustration over one unlit closet lead them to pursue a nearly complete overhaul of the existing lighting scheme in their South Williamsburg home.  Nick Dillon and his team at Nick Knacks Creative Interiors worked directly with Maria and Pete throughout the planning stages. Once they had the final layout, NKCI got to work running new lines from an existing power source, locating and securing new light fixtures and lastly replastering and repainting the areas surrounding the lights. We’re digging the brilliant results and the fact that the team was able to finish this project two days ahead of schedule! Here’s a look at the project, before & after.

Before, an unlit entry stair created a hazard and the entrance hallway was outfitted with a couple of unappealing ceiling-mounted fixtures.

Here’s what Maria & Pete had to say:

 “Nick went above and beyond, making sure both the quality of the work, as well as the small details were perfect… and the project was even finished ahead of schedule.  It truly was a seamless and stress-free process for us.  It was refreshing working with Nick, as he was always on time, communicated every step of the process, took pride in his work and was the utmost professional.  The workmanship was superb and we absolutely love the results!” 

Added to the living space was a set of 12′ brushed steel tracks & fixtures. We love the sparkle and warmth of the light!

And for the dining area, Nick hung this industrial style chandelier by Rejuvenation.

Before, no overhead lighting existed in the living or dining spaces.

For their bedroom, Maria & Pete chose an elegant ceiling lamp designed by Kichler.

On the left is the walk-in that inspired the lighting renovation, it’ now equipped with a wall-mounted fixture, placed just above the door frame.

Before, like the other spaces we’ve seen, the master bedroom and walk-in closet were incomplete without any overhead lighting.

Many thanks to Maria, Pete, Nick & the NKCI Crew!

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