Site Visit :: Designing for a BK Loft Renovation

by Shera Nuss

An update for a Clinton Hill 1-bedroom

When Clinton Hill residents Joanna & Mark found out they’d be having a baby earlier this year, they quickly realized that their 1-bedroom loft was going to need an update in order to keep up with the demands of a growing family. With some renovation ideas already in mind, they posted images of their existing space to Sweeten, a free service matching renovators with vetted general contractors, looking to hire a designer to help plan a new bedroom for the baby, as well as additional storage options and a new space for Mark to work on his music.

Here’s a view into the loft space before the renovation started. After reviewing their introductions via theSweeten, Joanna & Mark chose to work with General Assembly’s Sarah Zames. Over the course of a few months, Sarah worked closely with the couple to come up with the perfect solution for their family. In order to manage the project budget, the new design was planned to be completed in 2 phases of construction.

The first phase of the project, which will soon be complete, includes the new bedrooms and closets, a 12′ floor-to-ceiling, built-in shelving unit, and a nook for practicing music which opens into the living space. Sarah also worked with Mark & Joanna on materials, finishes and paint colors. For the color schemes, hues were matched from the 63-color, vintage paint collection designed by Le Corbusier.

Week #1 of construction: the demo is finished and the framing is about to begin. In the new layout, the master bedroom will be slightly reduced in size but gain a walk-in closet; the window on the far right will be inside the new baby’s room.

Week #2 framing and electrical is finished.

Week #3, drywall goes up.

Here’s a rendered drawing of the music room doorway –a barn door hung on an industrial, sliding door hanger. We’re so excited to see this element installed on site!

For this relatively small project, construction is moving along quickly; we can’t wait to see this first phase finish up in a few weeks.

Big thanks to homeowners Joanna and Mark, and to Sarah Zames of General Assembly!

Are you ready for a change of space? Post your project to Sweeten!

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