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      Our renowned customer service and reputable hard work on each project is taken to a higher realm by our consistent Hands on Approach,through which the owner Nick openly shares his 20 years of experience by introducing every client to a new and more fulfilling space improvement experience. We look forward to seeing you soon... Join us for an experience that is truly unique and one that provides a different angle and perspective to you the customer in the manner you view your project. A creative and innovative journey awaits! Our goal is to satisfy our clients and keep building our reputation as one of the best.

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      May 8, 2012

  1. Portfolio

    Sweeten #494: Full Bathroom Gut Renovation

    Park Slope, Ny 11215


    From Expert #709

    An original master bathroom space in a recently constructed building which the home owner's were keen on upgrading.

  2. Portfolio

    Sweeten # 556 : Full Kitchen Gut Renovation

    Brooklyn, Ny 11218


    From Expert #709

    An existing space which housed the original kitchen installed when the building was built in the 1940's in need of a modern feel and function while maintaing the periods footprint.

  3. Portfolio

    Custom Built Master Bedroom Walk In Closet

    Brooklyn, Ny 11201


    From Expert #709

    This homeowner had a poorly used sizable Master Bedroom in need of functional closet space while employing a creative use of its existing footprint.

  4. Portfolio

    Tiny Kitchen Renovation

    Brooklyn, Ny 11225


    From Expert #709

    Small kitchen spaces are common in NYC, and for this space we were commissioned to execute a clean and modern upgrade to an original space while using ''green" building products and the very popular Ikea brand of cabinetry.

  5. Portfolio

    Full Bathroom Gut Renovation.

    Park Slope Brooklyn, Ny 11215


    From Expert #709

    An original bathroom in really bad shape was inherited in this client's recent home acquisition... knowing that the goal was to improve the function and redesign the space in a creative way they entrusted Nick with the task.

  6. Portfolio

    Full Kitchen Gut Renovation .

    Park Slope Brooklyn, Ny 11225


    From Expert #709

    For this project our expertise was requested for a gut renovation of a 65 year old kitchen in a Historical Park Slope Landmark Brownstone. Our Client had waited many years to be able to have her perfect kitchen and entrusted Nick with the task.

  7. Portfolio

    Pre War Co Op Classic Renovation.

    Upper West Side/Riverside Drive., Ny 10025


    From Expert #709

    The goal was to strip this pre war co op apt to its bones and to renovate the 3 bedroom,2 bathroom and kitchen space, using new moldings, refinishing the original floors,adding lighting,skim coating the walls and Painting the entire space.

  8. Portfolio

    Pre War Apartment Renovation.

    Upper West Side/Riverside Drive., Ny 10025


    From Expert #709

    Untouched for 60 years, this 'Diamond in the Rough" would be transformed into an absolute stunning residence, while keeping within the original period and style. Nick's gift for crafting beauty out of even the tiniest spaces is again showcased here.

  9. Portfolio

    Full Kitchen Renovation .

    Park Slope, Brooklyn, Ny 11238


    From Expert #709

    We were commissioned to redesign and renovate an old Brownstone Kitchen,within it's existing footprint. The client's had quickly outgrown the original kitchen and were excited to have a new and functional space with added lighting and storage.

  10. Portfolio

    Riverdale Refresh

    Bert V.



    From Bert V.

    Refresh 2 bedroom Mid Century apartment in Riverdale

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