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      I specialize in providing excellent Renovation services. I've been in business nearly 20 yrs, with experience in all aspects of Interior Construction. I will oversee and guarantee the quality of my work, delivering on budget and on time. I have excellent Subcontractors and an excellent crew of Carpenters who all have years experience working in high end renovations. I got into this business to support myself as an artist, but have persevered because Contracting is a human exchange experience and I consider it to be among the greatest of humanistic pursuits. Creative thinking, ethical conduct, good business, quality workmanship .

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      Apr 10, 2012

  1. Portfolio

    Perry Street Gut Renovation

    New York, Ny 10014


    From Expert #1107

    This Project featured the gut renovation of a 1,050 square foot Parlor Floor of a West Village Townhouse.

  2. Portfolio

    Orchard St. Gallery

    Manhattan, Ny 10001


    From Expert #1107

    Really run down nasty space with potential (sort of) but in need of major loving. Worked with Designer Randy Polumbo, great client, wacky fun gallery space.

  3. Portfolio

    Midwood, Brooklyn

    Midwood, Ny 11230


    From Expert #1107

    Simple renovation of nasty space and installation of Ikea Kitchen with some fun details

  4. Portfolio

    Chelsea Renovation

    Chelsea, Ny 10011


    From Expert #1107

    Nice Chelsea project from a few years back.

  5. Portfolio

    Everything But The Kitchen

    Upper West Side, Ny 10024


    From Expert #1107

    Two new bathrooms, all new trim/doors/crowns/lighting, etc. Just not the kitchen (sink)

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    Crazy Cool Panelling Gig

    Manhattan, Ny 10011


    From Expert #1107

    Well, it was a crusty old never renovated space with lots of potential (as usual). The client was a courageous writer, who wanted her final place of residence to be the one of her dreams. So the designer got his hands on this old oak panelling...

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    Cooper Chairman's Lounge

    Manhattan, Ny 10003


    From Expert #1107

    The new Cafeteria Kitchen in the new Cooper Union Building